Immokalee Housing and Family Services (IHFS) was founded in 1985 to meet the needs of farmworkers and their families. Formerly known as Immokalee Non Profit Housing (INPH) the name Immokalee Housing and Family Services was adopted to better reflect our role in the community.

During the height of the growing season in Florida, many landlords take advantage of laborers charging high rent for low quality housing. The goal of IHFS is to provide farm workers and their families decent, safe and affordable housing. As IHFS expanded to serve more families providing a variety of educational and social services became not only a necessity but also a priority.

Immokalee Non-Profit Housing built Sanders Pine, Timber Ridge, Esperanza Place and operated these apartment communities through 2016. These units are currently owned and operated by  Rural Neighborhoods Inc.

IHFS’s primary mission is to provide services and support to individuals and families in Immokalee.